7 Reasons I loved Ghana

1. There was less to do

Ghana doesn’t have strong internet connection along with few televisions and electronic games. This lead to a more social lifestyle as we turned to each other for entertainment.

2. There was no excuse to be lazy

Physical activity was part of the daily lifestyle there. My walk to class and back was at first brutal, but after some time it became very nice. My body appreciated the walking and sweating as I was my optimal weight and health without having to put any intentional effort in.

3. Everything was cheap

I never had to worry too much about affording food or drinks or taxis. Meals there ranged from 1.5-4 dollars on average. Drinks were around the same. Yup.

4. I never had to think about what I wanted to wear

I’ve never been the type to spend much time on this anyways, however in Ghana it was normal. First off, the weather NEVER changed so that was AMAZING. Secondly, their beauty standards were less there. They didn’t care if I had big ugly sandals on with my outfit, or if my shorts were a little faded in color. It was so hot and humid there, everyone was sweating through their clothes anyways. Being a minority race probably helped me a bit here, too.

5.      The music was FUN

With cheap drinks and fun, up beat African (mostly Ghanaian and Nigerian) hits, going out was one of my favorite pass times

6.      I had a community

Mixed of many different ethnicities and cultures, I had people I saw every day who became my family.

7.      The landscape was beautiful

I often found myself stopping at least once a day to take something in. Usually it was the moon, and how large it looked. If I ever felt like going on an adventure, I simply had to walk around. With many dirt paths leading to different areas, and a hill on campus that overlooked the city, I never felt trapped in a boring, dreary place. It was an exciting, beautiful place.


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