ChaleWote Festival 2016

On Sunday I attended the ChaleWote art Festival in Accra.

They have the festival every year where artists come and display their art. All forms of art were displayed here, even forms I never would have thought of. Paintings on canvases, streets, and bodies along with music were found nonstop. The streets were lined with vendors of clothing and food, and you’d find a huge mob probable every 30 yards. The mobs would form around performances such as bike tricks, men on stilts, and boxing matches.

Many random men would want photos with us (us being international people). Children flocked like gnats on an orange when someone was taking pictures with other children. Everyone was friendly and excited to see us, none of my belongings got stolen.

The crowds around street art
Me in front of a powerful painting. Let your inner spirit show.
More crowds around a singer, singer cannot be seen here but is in the far right and back
A Dancer
A bike show stepped back for this large piece to walk through
Children playing at the festival




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